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"How Can We Save 13,000 Acres of Farmland from Industrialisation?"

Updated: Mar 6

It's often hard, to appreciate the full scale of these cumulative solar farm proposals. This video gives and excellent visual representation.

Our fight was never going to be a short one, and now more than ever, YOUR ACTION NEEDED - PLEASE, DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Please take a look at this aerial footage of the four solar schemes on the Cottam Solar National Infrastructure website. You can view it here on the website or view it below:

Discover the sheer size that these solar panels will cover and it does not include Steeple Renewables or Stow Park (which it should), and with this, it would amount to 13,000 acres of industrialised solar zones.

All within a 10-kilometre radius (6 miles).

The cumulative impact of this monstrosity could well be our saving grace if we shout loud enough about this blight.

But we must not miss this opportunity!

The Cottam Solar submission deadline is February 27, 2023. Can we all have our say regarding the impact on our community and the size and scale of these applications?

You can have your say by clicking the link: https://national-infrastructure-consenting.planninginspec....

Lets keep pushing.

Act now.

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