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Image by Mariana Proença


To stand the best chance of beating the proposed Solar Panel Projects we need to raise significant funds. You can donate via our GoFundMe page or BACs payment if you prefer to donate that way.


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HELP US PROTECT our homes, our countryside and future from large-scale industrialisation.


Proposed 'Solar Farm' projects will SEVERELY IMPACT over 30 villages in and around our area.


The ‘GATE BURTON SOLAR PARK’ would be built on agricultural land comprising of approximately 684 hectares (1,690 acres). This site is in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire approximately 4 km south of Gainsborough.


‘COTTAM SOLAR PARK’ is split into three sites; Cottam 1, which is 894 hectares, Cottam 2 which is 132 hectares and Cottam 3, which has an area of 244 hectares. The total area of the project is 1,270 hectares (3,048 acres). All the land within this project is currently used for agricultural purposes.


‘WEST BURTON SOLAR PARK’ comprises several land parcels: West Burton 1, covering 90 hectares, West Burton 2, covering 328 hectares, and West Burton 3, covering 370 hectares. The total area covered by these sites is currently all used as arable farmland. 


The ‘TILLBRIDGE SOLAR PARK’ includes several land parcels covering the area south of the A631, from Corringham to Hemswell, and southwards to Fillingham. The cabling that connects to solar panels to Cottam Power Station will run for approximately eight miles across arable farmland.


Please help us raise awareness and funds to put forward the argument that the proposed developments is totally unsuitable for the area.

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