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! No Action Required !

The Tillbridge Public Consultation phase has now closed.

The application is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate Q4 2023.


Become a 
Registered Party

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Registered Party


Please register to become an "Interested Party", to make a "Relevant Representation." 

This is simple to do and will ensure your objections and comments count.


It cannot be stressed enough, that for us to succeed we ALL need to object to ALL 4 projects in turn as they go in for pre-examination. (We will keep you informed of when this happens for the other schemes)


Click on the link below to register online.

Request Additional


For information, support and technical details to help you with your objections and comments for "Relevant Representations" please 

CONTACT OUR TEAM who will send additional resources 

Project Timeline


For a continually revised timetable to every stage of the examination process, please go to the Planning Inspectorate's website.

Help us to continue our fight.

Donate just £5 now

To support all the volunteers who scrutinize every piece of information, communicate to you what, how and when to act and how to act and to spread the word so we can gain more support and traction as we fight this real threat to our countryside.

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