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The application has been accepted

Watch this space to when you can register as an interested party and have your say.


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The Inspectorate received the application on 10 April 2024 and accepted it on the 9th May 2024.


You cannot make comments on the application yet, but please see our reasons for objections to help prepare your submissions here.


You will be able to register to have your say if the application is accepted. We will let you know when you can register to have your say.


Read more about the application process in here --> guidance.

View all updates.

This project has volunteered to take part in the NSIP Reform Early Adopter Programme, details of which are available in this news story published by the Planning Inspectorate. 

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For information, support and technical details to help you with your objections and comments for "Relevant Representations" please 

CONTACT OUR TEAM who will send additional resources 

Project Timeline


For a continually revised timetable to every stage of the examination process, please go to the Planning Inspectorate's website.

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