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An important reminder that the submission deadline 6 for Cottam Solar is March 5, 2024.


This is a significant deadline because the examination is due to close on March 5, 2024, and it is likely to be our last chance to have our say on this development, so it is imperative that we all do so.


  • You can make a summary regarding matters that you have previously raised during the examination that have not been resolved to your satisfaction.

It will therefore be pertinent for you to raise here issues, such as cumulative effect, size and scale of the developments, low electricity generation versus loss of land, the loss of valuable agricultural land, visual impact, well-being, the lack of use of brownfield land, contaminated land, rooftops, etc. You can also comment on the following:


  • comments on submissions for Deadline 5 (Given the imminent deadline these should be published very soon).

  • any other information requested by the ExA for this deadline

  • Written summary of oral submissions at hearings held on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 February 2024

  • other


You can make your submission here:

Or email:


Lets make this submission opportunity count and remind the examiner why we want to stop this folly!

Cumulative Effect.

Please take a look at this aerial footage of the four solar schemes on the Cottam Solar National Infrastructure website.

View the video online here:


It does not include Steeple Renewables or Stow Park (which it should), and with this, it would amount to 13,000 acres of industrialised solar zones.

All within a 10-kilometre radius (6 miles).


The cumulative impact of this monstrosity could well be our saving grace if we shout loud enough about this blight. We must not miss this opportunity!


The Cottam Solar submission deadline is February 27, 2023. Can we all have our say regarding the impact on our community and the size and scale of these applications?


You can have your say by clicking the link:


or by emailing

Visit this page - National Infrastructure Planning Wesbite - to understand the planning process for National Infrastructure projects and how you can make your voice heard at all the necessary stages.

Help us to continue our fight.

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