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! Notifications of Hearings !

Deadline 2 - Respond to Written Questions by Tuesday 21st November 2023.


  • You can reply to any of the ExA's written question's (not just on the questions where the ExA has invited responses from all Interested Parties).




Various hearings will be held under Sections 91, 92 and 93 of the Planning Act 2008. The Hearings will be Blended Events, with participants attending either in person or virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Registration and requests to participate in Hearings


You must register by Tuesday 21 November 2023 if you intend to participate in the Hearings and provide all the information requested.


Please register using the Event Participation Form. If you have any difficulty completing the form please contact the Case Team.

Any request to participate in a Hearing should include the following information:

• Name and unique reference number (found at the top of any letter or email from the Planning Inspectorate);

• email address (if available) and contact telephone number;

• name and unique reference number of any person/organisation that you are representing (if applicable);

• for blended events, confirmation of whether you will participate virtually or inperson;

• confirmation of the Hearing(s) you wish to participate in, the agenda item(s) on which you wish to speak and/or brief details of the topic(s) that you would like to raise;

• for Compulsory Acquisition Hearings, the plot number(s) of the relevant land provided in the Book of Reference and the Land Plans; and

• the Examination Library reference number (with paragraph/page number where appropriate) of any documents you wish to refer to.


Visit this page - National Infrastructure Planning Wesbite - to understand the planning process for National Infrastructure projects and how you can make your voice heard at all the necessary stages.

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