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Sourcing Concerns Arise in the Construction of Solar Farms in the Lincolnshire.

The construction of solar farms in the UK, celebrated as a beacon of sustainability, is facing a harsh reality check as alarming concerns emerge regarding the questionable sourcing practices behind the industry's materials.

The solar industry relies on a complex global supply chain to procure materials such as photovoltaic panels, inverters, and mounting structures. 

Concerns have been raised regarding the mining of rare minerals and metals required for photovoltaic cells and batteries. The race for rare minerals and metals crucial to solar technology, driven by insatiable demand, has led to environmental degradation and exploitation in mining regions.

The manufacture and transportation of solar components can generate a significant carbon footprint if not managed sustainably. The environmental impact of the entire lifecycle of solar farm construction must be considered, from raw material extraction to end-of-life recycling.

7000 Acres quote "In striving to produce clean energy, we must not turn a blind eye to the dark corners of the solar industry. The glare of solar panels should not blind us to the suffering of exploited communities, scarred landscapes, and endangered ecosystems. The pursuit of a greener future must always be hand-in-hand with ethics, accountability, and compassion. Our commitment to clean energy should never come at the expense of our shared values and the very planet we strive to protect."

As we continue to transition to clean energy, it is crucial that we uphold the highest standards of ethical and sustainable sourcing. To truly harness the power of solar energy, it is incumbent upon industry leaders, regulators, and conscientious consumers to demand accountability, transparency, and responsible practices from every link in the solar supply chain.


About: The "7000 Acres Group" is a collection of concerned residents formed from over 30 villages in and around the footprint of the West Burton, Cottam, Tillbridge and Gate Burton Solar Farm projects.  These proposed Solar Sites cover an area of approximately 10 thousand acres of land around Gainsborough. The Group have come together to raise awareness of the scope and scale of these projects and to put forward the argument that the size of the proposed developments is totally unsuitable for the area. 

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