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! Action Required !

Deadline: Friday 24th November 2023.      


  • You should submit an oral summary of what you said at the Open Floor Hearing and/or comment on what others have said.


  • Comment on any "Relevant Representations" submitted by others.


  • Make a suggestion for site inspections ie. affected views.


  • You will need to send in a summary if your RR was over 1500 words


  • Make a request to be heard at future hearings - numbers here are critical. (You can always change your mind later). 



The voice of the public at the open floor hearings is a very important part of this process, and we would ask that our members continue to be there in numbers for the hearings in support of what we are all trying to achieve.

Visit this page - National Infrastructure Planning Wesbite - to understand the planning process for National Infrastructure projects and how you can make your voice heard at all the necessary stages.

Help us to continue our fight.

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To support all the volunteers who scrutinize every piece of information, communicate to you what, how and when to act and how to act and to spread the word so we can gain more support and traction as we fight this real threat to our countryside.

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